About Me

I’m Azen Zagenite, a huge video game enthusiast. I love games of any kind, any genre, from Mario to Dark Souls. My first video game experience was with the original Super Mario Bros for the NES which instantly got me hooked on games for life. Over 25 years later and my enjoyment of games only continue to increase year after year.

My gaming experience

I started gaming on the NES at a very young age. I didn’t own many games except for the Mario ones, but there was one special cart I had. It was one of those multi-game bootlegs, this particular one had 20 games in 1 (sadly I longer have it and I can’t find a rom of it anywhere either). When I was a child, I lived overseas in south eastern countries such as Indonesia and Philippines due to the nature of my father’s work. My parents must have found the cart in a random small shop and bought it for me. Thanks to that lucky find I had enjoyed many hours of fun games such as Donkey Kong and Ice Climbers, but the ones I liked the most were Excite Bike and Battle City because of the ability to create custom tracks/maps.

Being able to play all types of games back then helped to solidify my love for gaming. From then on, I’ve owned consoles and handhelds of almost every generation from Nintendo, Sega, Sony, and Microsoft. I was mainly a console kid until my late teens since I never had a computer nor internet until I was 12, so I missed a lot of classic PC games. Finally owning a computer opened the window to playing different kinds of games, online games, and emulators. I’ve always loved games of all kinds. I never discriminated games for the platform it was made on or the developer that created it, if a game is fun then that’s all that matters to me.

If I had to say which company influenced me the most, then it would be Nintendo. I did start off gaming with them after all and I’ve had a ton of fun with most of their IPs. One of the biggest factors though is that all of my friends were Nintendo fans, so more often than not we played Nintendo games together. The Nintendo 64 and Gamecube were multiplayer machines that we played countless hours on. That was when we discovered the Smash Bros. series.

My time as a Smasher

Up until this point, I never played games for the sake of competition. I always played games just for the love of the game. However, my circle of friends which soon became the basis of H2YL, were extremely into the competitive aspect of gaming and Smash was what brought those feelings out the most for them. Thanks to their great influence I was able to try my hand at competitive Smash for a few years before returning to a more casual life.

I ended up being one of the top players of the nation for Super Smash Bros. Melee, something I never expected to happen in my life for any game. My favorite experiences was being able to meet many other passionate Smashers and to visit many popular cities in America. Before Smash, I didn’t think there were entire communities out there for a single game. But during my time playing competitively and helping H2YL run tournaments, I saw the growth of the community first-hand. It was a surreal feeling to be a part of the beginnings of e-sports.

Meeting many cool people that also loved Smash was definitely the most enjoyable part of my time with Smash. I’ve chilled with Team Arlington, Team Ben, Deadly Alliance, and many others across the nation. I loved getting housed by fellow Smashers and playing all throughout the night. In tournaments, I would constantly play friendlies with anyone at all times possible. And the Smashfests, my favorite kind of Smash event, are where I’ve had some of the most fun times of my life. I will be writing more details of my Smash adventures whenever I can which you can find in the Smash section.

Moving forward

I fully retired from Smash late into 2007, but the first point I started to lose interest was around the end of 2004. As much as I love Smash, I still love gaming as a whole more. I stuck around for the sake of my friends in H2YL to help improve their Smash game and I’m very proud at how they succeeded in the Smash scene. Today, through their undying love and dedication to Smash, Chillin and Chu are professional Smashers with lucrative careers in the e-sports industry.

Part of the reason I took many breaks from Smash was so I could catch up on all the games I’ve been missing. A lot of people felt gaming was going on a decline, that the good old days had all of the best games, that gaming was going to suffer a crash. But to me, I always felt games were getting better and better. Not only was the technology becoming more powerful every generation, the skills of the developers were also improving over the years. Past innovations are tried and tested until new breakthroughs occur. Now the game industry is bigger than ever and still growing every year.

My enjoyment of games hasn’t slowed down either. I can only be grateful that my childlike sense of wonder never diminished one bit. I’m still able to get easily immersed into the many worlds and characters out there. Even after learning programming and game development, it only makes me appreciate more the work and love that is put into creating games. I’m excited for the future of gaming and I hope to be able to continue gaming until the end of time.

The purpose of Zagenite Anthology

I’ll be using this site as a place to harbor my thoughts and experiences with videos games. I feel I have a fairly unique view about games and it’s industry that will be interesting. Along with my involvement in the Smash scene and other video game communities, there will be plenty of good content to write about over time. This place will also be a convenient hub of whatever things I decide to do. Any major plans I have will be posted here.

I also have a few personal reasons for making this. One, Zagenite Anthology will serve as a diary of sorts of my gaming exploits. I think it would be cool to be able to look back on my ventures in detail. I honestly wish I had done this sooner, but better late than never. Two, I could really use a lot more practice with writing. I was never great at writing or speaking for that matter, so this will be a good opportunity to work on that at least. And lastly, I simply enjoy creating stuff. Sites, graphics, games, anything; I like trying my hand on cool things that can be made through a computer.

I hope you all enjoy your time here with me. Have fun and game on!