H2YL (Ha Ha You Lose) is a Smash crew that was started in Virginia. It consists of great friends united by one awesome fighting game called Super Smash Bros Melee. Anden, Chillin, Mild, and myself were the original four members. Then later, Chu and JTanic were added to put the final count to six members. H2YL played a major role in the growth of the community in the early days of Smash through instilling competitive spirit to rivals and hosting exciting tournaments. We even hosted one of the first national tournaments, Game Over which Chillin spearheaded, creating massive hype and stimulating the Smash community to the next stage.

We were also a force to be reckoned from the very beginning. Since our first tournament that we also happened to host, we’ve took the top spots in locals for many years. For years I maintained top-level gameplay with many characters and was considered number one on the east coast and second in the nation under Ken. Throughout time I remained a top 10 player, while even managing to become the best doubles team alongside Chillin for a short while, until retirement. Chu, the originator of Ice Climbers, also has a strong case to be second in the nation for a time and is still even to this day a top 10 player to be respected. Chillin, who paved the way to Fox’s evolution, has consistently been a top player with impressive accomplishments such as being the first player to defeat Ken in a set and the first doubles team to win a tournament over Ken and Isai.

There’s no doubt that H2YL has been a great influence to Smash. Our hearts and souls poured out in the form of our gameplay, tournaments, and content we’ve delivered for the love of Smash and its community. Its been over 15 years since the release of Super Smash Bros. Melee and four members have retired from Smash within that time including myself. However, the remaining active players, Chillin and Chu, have become professional Smashers and continue to make waves in the Smash scene to this day. With the world of e-sports constantly growing and the continuing acceptance of gaming culture, Smash is still going strong and its future looking bright as more people than ever join the community every year.



Name: Kashan Khan
DoB: August 29, 1989

Team: Team Liquid
MIOM Rank 2016: 36

Main: Fox
Secondary: Sheik, Marth

Chu Dat


Name: Daniel Rodriguez
DoB: January 16, 1987

Team: VG Bootcamp
MIOM Rank 2016: 22

Main: Ice Climbers

Azen Zagenite


Name: Christopher McMullen
DoB: December 20, 1986

Main: Marth, Sheik, Fox, Falcon, Peach, Falco, Samus, Ganondorf, Link, Luigi, Mario
Secondary: Everyone else

Mild Soss


Name: Burhan Khan
DoB: December 14, 1986

Main: Sheik

Anden Hellseenkee


Name: Keith Andrews
DoB: March 28, 1987

Main: Jigglypuff
Secondary: Falco



Name: Jose

Main: Samus

Honorary H2YL

H2YL has met many good friends through Smash and although we officially stopped adding additional members, these amazing friends who we have many unforgettable times with have been alongside H2YL through thick and thin. They also love Smash and have some serious skill, but most importantly they are big homies.



Name: Nathaniel O’guinn

Main: Roy
Secondary: Marth, Sheik



Name: Travis Morgan

Team: Cymatics

Main: Fox
Secondary: Donkey Kong



Name: Cameron Smucker
DoB: January 26, 1989

Team: Syrian
MIOM Rank 2016: chillinTMD

Main: Fox
Secondary: Marth, Falco



Name: Alex Lopez

Main: Falco
Secondary: Marth, Fox

Crew Rivals

In the early days of Smash, before national or even regional competition became a thing, there were crews. Crews helped promote local competition by setting up events like tournaments and Smashfests. They were usually composed of friends and often trained together. Naturally, crews held rivalries which increased hype and skill levels of the communities around them. The following crews were instrumental in the growth of H2YL by being fierce rivals and also good friends.

Team Ben

Chillin with N.E.O. and Team Ben

Members: Husband, Wife, Oro, Bach

Deadly Alliance

Deadly Alliance

Members: Wes, Dave, HellFox, Kamaal, KillaOR, + many more…

Team Arlington

Members: KM, G-Regulate, Kirbster, Meep, Aho, Hova, Fonz + many more…


Members: SS4Ricky, Mew2Matt, East Coast Eddie


Members: Eric, Young D, Derrick, + more…