The Zagenite Anthology begins…

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The Zagenite Anthology begins…

Azen Zagenite logo Ever since the original Super Mario Bros on the NES, I’ve been hooked on games for life. I’ve experienced countless worlds, stories, and lives. They each contain wonderful memories and I hope to create many more until the end of time.

With that said, this corner of the web will be a way for me to share my experiences, opinions, and insights about video games. So I will be posting about a variety of video game related topics. Smash or more specifically, Super Smash Bros. Melee, will have its own special section in the site as it has been an amazing experience in my gaming career. Within the Smash section, I’ll be adding some unique background to its early years and some commentary on the evolution of Smash as a retired veteran player.

I’ll be working on articles whenever my schedule permits. My goal is to have at least one piece out per month, so hopefully I’ll be able to accomplish that. I’m also considering trying my hand on other types of content such as streams. In any case, there’ll definitely be lots of interesting stuff over time for avid video game fans to enjoy. Here is a short rundown of the pages available at the moment:

Blog – Will contain my written blogs about a variety of video game topics.
H2YL – A quick look at H2YL and friends. I’ll eventually add more details to H2YL’s history and player bios.
Smash – This page will congregate all my content related to Smash.
Media – My videos, pictures, and whatnots will be posted here.
About – Has a short bio of myself. A lot more specific details will be written in future blogs.

Please feel free to let me know of anything on your mind here. I’m open to constructive criticism, suggestions for topics, and whatever else. Maintaining this site will be a good learning experience for me in several areas, so as it grows I hope to grow as well.

Enjoy your stay at the Zagenite Anthology. Have fun and game on!